I am Brett Huff.  I’ve wanted to know how everything works ever since I was a kid, taking apart old TVs and Computers.  I started my career as a Software Developer, but soon realized that I wasn’t only good at improving how computers work, but people as well.  I now lead highly technical people from the front, and enjoy every minute of it.

Part of my recipe for success is understanding why I do things.  So I’m writing this blog to put my thoughts down on “paper.”  If it’s not helpful to you, that’s fine because it’s helpful to me.

I currently live in Idaho and work for Atlassian as Engineering Manager of Trello.  Atlassian has some amazing developers and making sure they’re happy and productive is a fun job.

LinkedIn: Brett Huff

Email: me@brettrhuff.com

(All photos taken by me or my relatives unless otherwise noted)
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